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Good evening,

I have encountered my first biking issue :)

I ride around 20 mins to work and my battery would appear to run out every week or so.. i trickle charged it and it fires right up! Did that tonight and started it to make sure all was well, the bike started fine but cut after under reving for a while. Is this because i had the choke closed? I was told i would only need it when its cold! At the weekend i plan to clean the spark plug this weekend on case its that

Any advice on what it could be?

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you need to check the charging system on the bike if the battery is running flat!

The bike is not charging the battery up or the battery is not holding a charge

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you would only need to use the choke fora minute if at all in t his weather and a 20 minute ride should be fine and have no problem with the battery it sounds like you need to do a charge test with a voltmeter you should have 12 volt with out engine running and with engine running and revs at about 2000 the voltage should be no more than 14.8 if its gone a lot higher or not moved off the 12 volts then it could be rectifier/regulater at fault.when testing with engine off if you have only got 10 volts or less showing then chances are the battery has died

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