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High temperature engine paint


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Hello, on my 400 four paint is peeling off parts of the engine.

I was going to use carplan silver paint but the colour is slightly different to the paint that is on there at the moment.

Does anybody know of a paint that matches the original colour better? Or have a better paint to recommend.

Also would using wet and dry to clean/get it smooth be enough for the paint to stick?


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Nit sure on what paint to use. I used hycote engine enamel and it stayed on well and made quite a good finish.

Scuffing the existing paint up on the engine will be enough. Scuff it up enough just to key it, and make sure it is as clean as possible. Spray it on while engine is warm (though not hot). As far as drying the paint, I leff mine overnight and most of the following day, and then ran engine up to tempt. It will dry fine as engine will get hot and you sprayed i on there while it was warm.

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Forgot to mention I will use the stuff you brush on.

Wouldn't you need to get all the paint off that is peeling off?

And would the engine get any hotter if you put a couple of coats on?

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brush on? Potential option but spray can will go in the nooks better and give a more even finish. But then with brushing you avoid spaying too much and having runs, I would spray though.

And i depends how flaky the old paint is. The worst of it should come off as you are scuffing up the surface. Essentially, you just keep gong until you have a smooth, slightly scuffed up clean surface. You are using the old paint as a primer, and some areas you may go too far back and get to metal because of flakyness, but thats fine.

2-3 thin coats should do it. And engine wont start overheating like that.

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Silver aerosol paint on a 400/4. I just choked on my coffee. Please get it done properly, that's an absolute classic motorbike!

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Balboo, I wasn't going to use silver aerosol paint.

The only bits I will be painting is the front of the engine under the barrel and the bottom, the previous owner polished the casings (could have done better) but I quite like the look of it.

He also painted the barrel I am not sure if I should paint it or get the rest of the paint off and give it a good clean. Any ideas?

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