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Mod 2 (3rd attempt) in the bag!!

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Not been on here for a while as I stopped the lessons after my 2nd Mod 2 failure and I also decided to wait on spring returned to Scotland.

I started back at the same training centre and put in 8 hours of training before my resit. I wanted to get really comfortable on the bike again despite my instructors saying I hadn't lost much over the winter and was at test standard after 4hrs.

Well, I managed to pass with 5 minors after riding like a total plonker thanks to me putting too much pressure on myself. Last 2 tests were failed with a major and no minors on each test.

Nerves were shot to pieces. There were a huge amount of "incidents" to deal with including nearly getting taken out on a roundabout by the grey rinse brigade moving across lanes to about 1 foot away. Also had a fire engine with blues and two's to contend with, 2 x erratic all over the road cyclists and numerous car drivers who's cars did not have working indicators when they got to roundabouts..

Got back to the test centre convinced I had failed as my clutch control was getting lumpy after all the above happened with about a mile of each other.

Nearly jumped over the table and hugged the guy when he told me I had passed!!!

I'm 41, had bikes as a teenager and feel that I have just done something for my own sanity in passing this test. Look forward to shopping and getting used to my new bike!!


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Do like the thruxton. Check out the norton commando as well.

Just make sure you're comfortable riding it. Go to a couple dealerships and sit/ride as many as you can. Different styles to.

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Top Stuff :thumb: sadly that madness you had on your test is kinda the norm when you're out on a bike but if you can handle it on a test you shouldn't have any problems in "real life" :lol: :lol:

Ooh thuxtons are pretty cool, keep us updated with your purchase and pics when you get one!!

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Welcome mate. Where you based? I'm in Edinburgh but from Glasgow. Currently doing my training with Harleys.

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In Ayr. Hoping to get a bike soon! Good luck on your training. Keep me posted.

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