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Time for a new helmet?

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7 years old this year. The one i had before that bit the dust when i was on l plates and binned my 125. This one still fits fine, nothing broken (apart from one of the air vents) but it is now 7 years old.

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Impossible to say if it's degraded at all.

To be fair if it's been used regularly then I'd be tempted to change it, only get one head blablabla etc

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Fun shopping! Yes you need a new one because new things are betterererer :lol:

Maybe look at some summer gloves at the same time :lol:


They certainly are! My current helmet gives me a headache after about 4 hours, always has done.

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Guaranteed the padding will have suffered some degree of deterioration by now....get rid of it.

Try on as many as you can to get the best fit for your head shape.

I'm a round head.....so Shoei and HJC are always good fits! Whereas an Arai feels like I've got my head jammed in a vice.

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