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GSX-R750 K9


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Just purchased a few weeks back after killing my CBR600F3

My height - 5'10

Weight - 13 stone

Inside leg - 28"

What model was it? R750 2009 - 13k on the clock and in black and orange for a change

When did you buy it and how much did it cost? Purchased mid May 2016 - £4700

Good points?

Hilarious when you get above 8k on the revs - its a giggle machine

Very planted front end

Surprisingly comfortable for a sportsbike - Bank holiday weekend I did nearly 1000 miles on it with some motorways but mainly back roads and fast A roads - only slightly sore around the bum cheeks as the seat Isn't the best

Sounds lovely with the Pipewrx can

Loves Dunlop Sportsmart 2's

You can lean it to the point the pegs are nearly scraping and it just remains completely unfazed by any bumps etc on the road

Low down torque is very good for just bimbling around town and traffic - even better for that corner exit punch

Main beams are like flood lights - first time I switched them on I was nearly blinded by the reflection from a sign 150m down the road

Being able to adjust the foot pegs even that small amount really helps if you are going touring

Slipper clutch

Electronic steering dampener for those slapper moments

Mode select for adjusting throttle response - soft/ medium/ bonkers

Low seat so can get both feet flat on the ground even with my short inseam

Bad points?

Why oh why did the previous owner put that seat on - being recovered next week and will be going back to black!

Dipped headlights are naff to the point they are dangerous

Paint can only be a micron thick so scratches easily

Header pipes and collector box needs sanding down and painting to stop any rust building up on them

Eats tires

Encourages you to ride like a loon on open roads

Will comfortably whisk you up to 120 without noticing any wind difference from 50

Tiny space under rear seat - I'm not joking a 20 pack of smokes and there Isn't much room left!

Stock levers are terrible if like me you have lady hands - very hard to to release the clutch smoothly on a blip as my fingers wont reach far down the lever (shorties going on)

Would you get another?


Any other comments?

Was not disappointed with the bike at all - it really lives up to its reputation for being the best all round road bike.

Will look at getting some Brembo brakes to replace the Tekico ones that are currently on it but even then they stop it very well!



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