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SOLVED - thanks


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if I was you and you had coolant that colour I would be looking at flushing it through and not just a change

some people stick a hose pipe in to flush it but I dont recommend using normal water! you want distilled water

its only cheap

drain the fluid

fill with plain water run the bike for a bit do not get it too hot as water boils sooner than coolant

drop the water

mix up coolant at 50/50 you want two batches

fill the system with the coolant run it up again then drain (this stage gets rid of all the water and gets your coolant mixture close to what it needs to be)

then fill it up with the other 50/50 mix bleed the system too if it needs it top the expansion tank up to around the middle run it to temp and allow it to cool down then check the level

job done

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Yeah, Stu has pretty much covered it....... 8-)

The only thing I'd add is check whether there's a water jacket drain screw on the cylinder block and make sure you drain that too.

When you fill with the final coolant, leave the filler cap off and squeeze the top hose to the engine to 'burp' any potential airlocks out of the cylinder block..... :wink:

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