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AGV GT Veloce


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I have recently bought an AGV GT Veloce in blue and white. Here are my thoughts.

AGV GT Veloce Monterey

Price: £329.99

Bought from: sportsbikeshop.co.uk


All my previous helmets are Shark helmets. I have a bit of an odd shaped head which means I struggle to find a helmet that fits perfectly. My Shark helmets have always either been a bit loose or a bit tight. This AGV is superb in terms of fitting. It fits like a glove, very comfortable. The lining inside feels like much better quality than all my previous Shark helmet - plush and comfortable on the skin for long periods of time.

it has a Double D lock which is easy to use once you get used to it. I haven't noticed any issues with the chin strap, no chafing etc.


Not as quiet as I had hoped in all honesty. While its very comfortable to wear, I was expecting it would be a bit quieter. However it doesn't get any more noisy the faster you go. I suppose I expected it to be a bit quieter than it is because it is marketed as a Sports Touring Helmet.


Now the visor I do have a bit of an issue with. First of all, the first time I removed it I found it very difficult to re-fit. What makes this visor different to some other manufacturers is that the mechanism which makes the visor move is housed inside the helmet rather than on the visor itself. This means there is a little metal rectangle on each side where the visor detaches. The visor clips onto each of these rectangles. Initially I found this quite difficult to do, as there is a small tab that you pull down on the visor, slot it over the rectangle and then push the tab back up. The problem was that the tab was not pushing all the way back into place to start with.

Additionally, fitting a tinted visor was made more difficult because you need to line up the holes on the underside of the visor with the rectangles and with a tinted visor you can't see the hole that you are trying to line up!

After a few on/off's the visor did start fitting a lot easier. Once you are used to it you can do it quite quickly but personally I think I prefer the method Shark use.

Another criticism of the visor is that it is either open or closed. If you open it a crack it will just drop down back to closed as soon as you ride off. I appreciate that the visor is probably designed with more track use in mind, as the helmet is derived from the AGV Corsa, and it is nice having a visor with a smooth motion instead of a notch-type design but at the end of the day if you are steaming up all the time because the visor wont stay open a crack then its a bit frustrating.

However a big plus point is the quality of the visor(s). Superb optics, crystal clear and it cleans off very easily without any marks left.


Superb quality paint finish. The blue and white sections have a nice metallic sparkle to them. Looks wicked especially on a bike of matching colour scheme on a nice sunny day.

Weight & Stability:

By far the lightest helmet I have ever owned. I know there are lighter ones out there, but this is pretty damn light! It is made from the same carbon fibre shell as the Corsa. It is very easy to wear and the low weight really reduces fatigue especially on high speed runs.

The design and weight do a lot for the stability. My previous Shark helmets always get a bit unstable at 160+, but this just sits there, cool as a cucumber no matter how much you wind up the throttle.


To summarise its a very impressive helmet. Comfortable, light, stable and it all has a very high quality feel. Only let down by the visor. To be honest it you want AGV Corsa tech for about half the price then this is for you. Due to the visor issue I don't feel it is a suited to touring as much as AGV make out, but it is excellent on the track. Highly recommended.

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Is there not an Allen key point on the visor pivot area like on the Shark Speed-r. If so tighten it up and you will be able to keep the visor slightly open.

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Did you not get different colour visor adjusters in the box? I had a race one on mine which was only open, half or close, I installed the green set and now I can ride with a few different settings now including the one that's basically a fingers width at the bottom.

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