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What's this, and do I need it?


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I've not been having much luck with the bike recently. I took it in for an MOT a couple of weeks ago and had them do a service and replace the head bearings at the same time. When I picked it up the steering was completely transformed, and it goes round corners almost telepathically. Unfortunately the front brakes were lethally bad, with no stopping power at all until the lever was almost back to the bar, and then what braking force there was all came at once. I took it back last week, and the problem was tracked down to the generic seals, which were duly replaced with Kawasaki ones. Bingo - when I picked the bike up this mornirng the front brakes are now back to being razor sharp.

Unfortunately the last couple of miles home were accompanied by a steady stream of black smoke from behind the front fairing. I stopped to investigate, and found this part resting on the exhaust manifold and rapidly melting itself onto the downpipes. It practically fell out when I prodded it, and you can clearly see where it has been resting on the hot pipes. But what is it, and do I need it? It looks like some sort of baffle to me, but I'm guessing it can't be heat shielding because it's plastic.

If it's important I'll take it back for repair, but if it isn't I'll bin it and carry on riding while the sun's shining! :lol:


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You have sun???

Looks like part of the air flow ducting to guide air through the radiator. Its not detremental to running but wants putting back at the next opertunity. Enjoy the sun and give the garage a call when you're back

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Pretty much what hoonie says. It's not vital but will stop crap ending up on top of the engine. It's not in bad shape so you should be able to refit it if you pop the tank off.

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You could take the bike back to who done the work on it get em to finish the job properly :D

Yeah, you're right. I was just a bit reluctant 'cos it's been in their workshop more than in my garage over the last 6 weeks! :(

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