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Quick-Shifter Wipes

Guest DStaple

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Quick Shifter Wipes - Free Sample - Thruxton BSB round.

Good Points - I like the concept, I like what it says on the tin.

Bad Points - It scratched my bike, thankfully only on a test patch. It's expensive, It didn't work any different to handy wipes.

I like most was really chuffed to get a freebie at a day out at the races. I loved the concept of cleaning on the go. I do a lot of miles, and have a bit of OCD.

When I opened the packet, it was basically a big wet wipe that smelt exactly like a hand cleaning wipe. I thought there was no way it wasn't going to scratch because theres nowhere for the dirt to go, and the liquid on it just seems really "weak". I don't know how else to describe it. So I had a little go on my hugger, it moved the dirt around sure, but then left (expletive) scratches on the plastic. So i think "you know, they are susceptible to little scratches, and move to the tip of my tail... I could feel it grinding under my fingers.

Using the waffle cloth, I just didn't get it, its too thin to absorb anything, and I know detailers that use them to lay over a surface to dry a vehicle. They use Microfibers for "buffing and polishing". But they say this thing is for buffing and polishing? my kitchen paper is softer...

I really wanted to like this stuff, would have been right up my street, but even after getting a wipe out, the resealable bit isnt so sticky any more so now i cant even use them as emergency bird poo wipes for mine and the mrs car. Even tried it on my old helmet and you can see the swirls dance their way onto the viser too.

the only consolation is that i didn't pay for them, because at £5 for 5 wipes and £5 for waffle cloths on their website, thats a lot of money for what any standard wet wipe does. i won't be so easily taken in next time. the only sad thing is, i spent far too much time looking at my bike in disbelief and seeing if the kids handy wipes or the mrs makeup wipes did any different, and no they didn't! i spent far too much time taken in by it, and thats time ill never get back. Im upset about the scratches as i look after my bike reasonable well, but i suppose my gut told me the invertable.

my advice, avoid.

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I was at BSB thruxton, they weren't giving away samples, they were selling them.


- you stole them

- scratched your bike because you probably had so much crap on your hugger it would've done the same with a sponge

- stopped using it immediately and jumped to conclusions


I have used these, they are really very good for removing flys and tough oil and they bring everything up really nice. I wouldn't use them when its really dirty thou, maybe a pre-wash with water to get the lose crap off, which to be fair to them they do advise on their site. The waffle cloth is thin i agree but it doesn't need to be thick, it surprisingly does the job.

It's not worth buying the single packs, get one of the bundle deals they do, much cheaper.

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:offtopic: a bit but is this not the same as waterless cleaning i.e very bad idea. Bugs on my lid yes, dirt on my hugger hell no that what power washers are for.

Now the offtopic bit I happen to like hoggs orange sure its a bit wishy washy like most hogs but it looks good

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