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Suzuki Bandit 600 Oil and Filter Change

Guest chrispymocha

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Hi all,

I think it is time to change the oil on my bandit and just wondering if any one had any tips to change the oil, and the filter too.

Looking at the haynes manual it looks like a simple enough job, but I though it would be best to ask on here before having a go. Is it as easy as it sounds or is there anything I should know first.

Also, is the Hein Gericke own brand oil any good as it is pretty cheap compared with motul oil.

Thanks in advance, :D


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If i remember rightly the oil filter is a screw on cartridge type so that should be easy enough as for oil i never go cheap always use branded oils its the life blood of the engine,but at the end of the day its your decision :wink:

make sure you have a tray that will take the amount of oil in the engine and use the correct size spanner on the sump nut Ring spanners are best less chance of slipping off and rounding the nut,another tip is to buy a new sump nut washer especially if you dont know how old the old one is,there only coppers and its too late when you have filled up with new oil to find the old one isnt sealing :lol:

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It's pretty much the same as doing an oil change on a car ...

Set your stall out first so you've got everything to hand ... and get the

socket size that you need sorted before you start ...

Run the engine for a few mins to get the oil nicely "fluid" ...

Undo the sump plug ...

Drain ...

Use an engine flush if you can - good idea to take the opportunity to get rid of any floating debris --- generally speaking, to use the engine flushes, you fill as you would with oil - ie same amount - not forgetting to replace the sump plug before you pour it in - run the engine for the number of minutes it says on the instructions - typically not long ... then drain that as you did the engine oil ....

Replace sump plug and pour your new engine oil in ...

Many people don't bother, but I prefer to do the sump plug to a the torque setting - ie tight enough not to fall out, not too tight and risk a stripped thread .... for the sake of finding the right page and clicking a torque wrench to the right setting it's 2 minutes well spent I think ...

Which leads me onto torque wrenches - if you haven't got one, its highly likely you're going to need one if you want to start doing your own bike mechanicary ;-) Ideally, get 2 .... flick through the haynes and see what settings most things are at - generally speaking you need a biggish bugger for big things that need a high torque setting - like wheels for instance, and an ickle bugger for more delicate stuff - espesh things with alloy bolt heads for instance .........

And if you get stuck, ask Stu_m! We all do :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Thanks for the help!!

Did it tonight and it wasn't too hard at all! Just need to go for a ride now to check there arn't any oil leaks from the new filter or the sump plug.

Thanks again! :D :D


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