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Pickup Sensor Error


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Started my bike up this morning ahead of a nice ride out, and was presented with a new error - PKUP 34.0. Suggesting the an error with the "pickup sensor".

The bike fired up ok, and the error light vanished while running. No issues with running. But when I'd got back home, and turned on the ignition (but not started it), the same error appears.

So, does anyone know what the Pickup sensor does? Is it critical? important? needed? Am I damaging things running the engine with the error?

If it's only the sensor that's faulty, then it looks like replacing it is just a case of getting the fairing off and a 30-50quid part. I just wonder if it's something I need to do before I next ride or not?


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you might have had a slight missfire while cranking causing the error

I wouldn't worry too much about it if its gone but if it keeps happening you might need to investigate

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Thanks All.

The bike lives on a battery charge thingy, and I've seen enough lights on there to suggest the battery is on it's way out.... so quite possibly that issues (especially as it was before I got going the error came up).

Just turned the ignition on now, and no error, so that's a good start.

And Spanner, thanks for that link, if I come to change the sensor, that'll be my go-to page.

Thanks again!

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