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CG 125 - Jerky and low on power

Foxy Stoat seeks Pig

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Noticed something strange last night riding home and i should mention it was hammering down the bike started to get very juddery at high revs in 2nd and 3rd gear, maybe a bit in 1st aswell. Cant say i noticed this over teh weekend when it was dry. But very noticable last night and today.

Spark plug looks fine, only changed it 500 miles ago. Choke set correctly (although i never actually move it) and no problem starting this morning, although again it was very wet. Only thing i have done it over the weekend was an oil change.

Any ideas? too wet? replace plug? ballsed up the oil change?

Thanks all.

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Given it a spray when I got home. BUT when I left work, still juddery maybe not as bad as earlier but noticeable. Rode for a couple of miles pulled over got off and adjusted the choke so its in the pointing down position. No more juddery ride or loss of power. Now I have never even touched the choke before, never needed to, always starts and always run fine. Now all of a sudden I need it in the down position. strange.

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