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My Exhaust fell off!


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Hi Everyone,

bveen a good while since a poked my head in here... And on this occasion itsa minor SoS call.

So im riding back from Brussels, on the last 30miles stretch when i here a rattle and then my engine seems to get CRAZY loud, like hurt my ears loud. So i stopped at the next pterol stop to take a look.

Low and behold part of my exhaust had fallen off. So now i need to fix it im hoping someone here can help me save a few bob and economise becuase a full exhaust systems is like £4-500.

Im Riding a Yamaha XVS650A . One of the the exhausts (the one the comes out the front cylinder - the longer one) has come apart in the center. It is apparent now that the exhaust was in two pieces, previously it was hidden by the fact it was wrapped with heat proof wrapping. The part connected to the engine looks like a standard chrome exhaust. The joint is appear to just be a tapered angle and the rear section hammered on then fix to the frame. (the fixing had snapped, my repair was a steel cable tie).

Has anyone encounter this type of exhaust fixing? know where i might go to purchase a replacement?

If my description sucks, say so and ill snap a pic, for everyone to have a look and laugh at. (it is pretty funny).

Hope y'all been maximising the good weather when we've had it!

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Without a pic I would hazard a guess you need a clamp fixing on the joint between the header and the link pipe.

I also totally expected this to be Hoggs or Glorian.

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Had an exhaust on my car fall off in Scotland during winter once (all that salt they use) except one bolt was holding it on and it was rattling along the road behind me.

Stopped at nearest house where thankfully they were English and he lent me his entire tool box so I could remove it. Nice us English folk we are :popcorn:

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Weld the exhaust back on! That means going back down the M25 and finding where it fell off, somewhere between leatherhead and cobham. That thing is long gone...

I'll get a pic up tonight.

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@MrBrightside, Thats kinda what I'm thinking!

The previous owner clearly did that. Taking a closer look, the piping he got was just some random pipe of a convenient diameter. Here are some pics uncovering the professional bodge job he did...





Can anyone identify the material he has used for the tubing that is attached above?


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I woke up this morning and thanks to tiggie i had a moment of inspiration.

I've bought a tube of 1m carbon fibre tube, some rivets, cables ties,and heat wrapping.

Its gonna be a DIY Saturday, lets see how this goes. :mrgreen:

Genuine question though in the pic above, it looks like the exhaust has an inner tube... WHat is the purpose of this? Would the baffle have been fitted around this?

I don't actually think the bike had its baffles in place beforehand. How does this effect drive? People tell me it affects the the torque, but is it significant?

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