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another car post


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ok, following the audi one...

so, Land Rover RR Tdv8. have not been driven for months, dead battery changed for a new one. however the bloody thing does not seem to recognise P gear and starts only in N. The car was absolutely problem free while i have been driving it every week in 2015 but since i changed to another "cost efficient car" it is now playing silly games with me

i feel defeated and will talk to a local garage next week, but still happy to hear your thoughts on wtf is going on

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It will probably just be a software issue and have the power loss codes active. Start with getting it plugged in to see if any are there then get the buggers cleared. If the fault still exists after it will probably be the sensor ;)

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RRs are terrible for low voltage causing electrical gremlins, if you've put a new battery on it, it should sort itself out or it might need fault codes clearing first.

Also just so you know, make sure you leave it running for 30 seconds or so after use to let the oil drain out of the turbos, the TDV8 is notourious for blowing them!!(unless it's the newer 4.4), as much as I wanted the extra power, it's part of the reason I went for the TDV6 in my Sport.

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the TDV8 is notourious for blowing them!!

Unless you ask LR its unheard of to them :scratch:


Indeed, just like they've never heard of an air suspension compressor failing :lol: .

In fairness though you'd have to be mad to take one to LR for a new turbo, don't they quote something stupid like £4k?.

Unless it was the newer 4.4 TDV8 I'd not touch one, it would probably work out cheaper overall to own a Supercharged!!.

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