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A new section perhaps?

kernel gadaffi

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once upon a time in a far far away galaxy which was t he old tmbf server there was a section called 'adult' and it was far from adult in some respects and to be honest as hooner said this forum is for guys and girls that ride or enjoy going on bikes not a girl naked on bike type forum........(those pics get sent in pm........just never to me i hasten to add)

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I'm sure if you search the internet you will find what you are looking for!

Aha, you say that but you'd be suprised at the total lack of dwarf elephant pron.


Try this ... dwarfphantfantasy.com :thumb:

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Ok ... Here's mine :thumb:


I just twitched!

She's fiiiiiine!


She a beaut eh Brighty.. You know what they say ....

Behind every fat woman there is a beautiful woman.... Just most of the time you can't see her cause mine is in the fooking way.

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Woooooow :?

Being the idiot I am I believed, from the title, that this thread was suggesting that a section be created for the little wives to talk to one another or for blokes to proudly show off their pillion pets.

Which I thought was fairly disgusting in its own right.

But am I right in thinking that you want a thread to share pictures of your wife, potentially with little clothing on, on an open forum?!


Has your misses given you permission for this?? Or do you just want to look at other blokes-..

I can't even..


What the flying f**k!

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