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New battery, won't start


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Tl;dr.... What appears to be happening in the video? ( sorry for signal interference sound)

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Longer story....bought the moped with a dead battery but it kick started okayish. Once it had run a bit you could restart it with the starter motor immediately but it would need a kick start by the next day. Nevertheless the engine made a clicking noise when running so it went to the garage.

Garage said it's knackered and needs the bottom end to be rebuilt. I thought I may challenge myself to fix it even if that would be uneconomical. Once back from the garage it wouldn't even kick start for me to listen to the engine again. So I got a new battery to see if starter motor could get it going. New battery did nothing, so I charged it to 12.5v for good measure and now it is doing something but only what's in the video. My multimeter suggsts the battery is down to 10.5v straight away so maybe it's a rubbish battery and I should try again? However, my multimeter has broken just now so I don't know if I should trust it ...sigh. If someone can at least suggest if the battery is naff or its a broken starter motor...or if the engine has perhaps seized causing this issue then it'd be hugely appreciated

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the way that souunds i would say its possibly had a heat seizure or been run dry of oil and knackered the bottom end of the engine if it is a 2 stroke one then they run it out of 2 stroke oil in the separate tank and if it is the 4 stroke one they they just ran it dry of oil in the whole engine

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Another option, could be the immobiliser? Did it sound like this before?

Is the red ignition light not coming on?

Here's the recode sequence (borrowed from another site)

The recoding sequence is:

a) Put red key in ignition, turn so that power comes on but do _not_ start the engine. Wait 3-5 seconds, turn off and remove red key (take it away from the bike).

b) For each of your black keys; put it in the ignition, turn so that power comes on but do not start the engine. Wait 3-5 seconds, turn off and remove black key (if you have more than one black key, repeat step b)!

c) Finally re-insert red key in ignition, turn so that power comes on but do not start engine. Wait 3-5 sec turn off and remove red key.

Now the immobilizer is re-encoded and should recognize the back keys. Do not take the red key near the machine once it is encoded, if it accidentally "catches" the red key when started - it will "forget" the back keys - and you will have to repeat the process.

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Thanks for the replies. It's a speedfight 2 100cc.

The scooter oil tank is disconnected and it has been run on premix before i got it. Seems to me like it was run with no oil before they realized and disconnected the oil pump...

When I got it, the first day or two it did a 16 mile round trip perfectly "fine" albeit with engine clatter. So i took it to the garage, they fitted a new battery and must have started it as they said the clatter was the bottom end (no surprise, its clearly been abused with perhaps no oil at times)

Since the garage returned it for me, It now won't kick start (used to kick start before if kicked lots and lots) and it sounds like this with a battery in it. I wonder if it's seized with the garage.....

I don't know what to do now, as i was going to fix the bottom end so long as it was able to start nosily like before, but now it generally seems knackered. I know it's just best to scrap it now, but i was going to try and learn something by fixing it....may just not be worth it... do you think i should try much else? I

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Nooope, not right now. So long as it was going to start again i was going to get manuals and go for it....but if it's more than the engine that's knackered .....

The kick start initially clicks quite strongly before it goes through the full motion. Must be to do with the seized / about to seize engine. It's always done it, and as i say the kick start doesn't feel any different to when it used to work (reluctantly) but although the kick feels the same, the bike just will not start now

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