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Ball of Frustration


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Really big ball, of rubbery goo.

So a while ago I treated my very rusty tank and managed to clear the inside of rust but, not having put any fuel in it it quickly rusted again. So, having de-rusted for a second time I decided to go all out and buy a tank sealant kit (I won't say which one), followed the instructions and cleaned the tank with the product supplied, used the metal prep as per the guide and then added the sealant. All looked well and the tank looked coated, wiggled it every 15 minutes or so to ensure the coating was even and, when it looked like it had solidified enough not to move left it for the 90+ hrs it said it would dry.

Well, looked at it yesterday and there's no coating at all, just a solid pool where the mixture had sunk to the bottom of the tank and hardened, managed to free it but now I have a large hard rubbery lump of goo floating around the tank.

And it's started rusting again.

Any ideas on how I get this out? Anyone know where sells cheap tanks?

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I bought the full coaching degreaser kit followed the instructions and POURed my Trophy tank no issues. Did as it said on the can only trouble I got was on to my favourite T shirt...

Makes me wonder in original coating in your tank is disagreeing with the new coating....

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Thanks chaps,

Alas I don't think it has a guarantee, had some success last night with the aid of some needlenose pliers and a scalpel but it'll take a while to get the lump down to a size I can remove it.

I was thinking along the lines of an inline filter, the petcock has a filter but it still lets particles of rust through which in turn get stuck in the jets. Do you think an additional filter would solve the issue temporarily or would it affect fuel flow?

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