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Chain and sprocket advice


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Hey folks, I need some advice on chains and sprockets, I have a Yamaha XJ6 Dirversion F 2010 which is a daily rider (even in bad weather as I only have a bike license) and it's coming Round to needing a new chain and sprockets, this set had done around 8K miles but I would like to know what are the best makes of chains and sprockets and what chain lube people use. I use the extreme lube you get at Halfords cause I got through a lot of it as I clean it once a week.

So without spending hundred upon hundreds of pounds what are the most cost effective and long lasting chains and sprockets and what lube would people suggest (also has to be easily purchasable and again not costing an arm and leg per can)

Thank you in advance folks

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Pop over to newbies and introduce yourself

I would go with a D.I.D X ring chain and renthal or talon sprockets

As for lube I would maybe think of fitting a scottoiler

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I was checking over my bike today GSX600F. My chain and sprockets look like they are due for replacement.

As suggested above DID X-ring seems to be the way to go. Not sure about sprockets but form comments above Renthal seem to be recommended.

Demon Tweeks seem to do good prices, not sure what make the sprockets are though.

Chains don't like the salt and wet roads. I hardly touched mine all summer just a quick spray with lube every other week.

During December I had to lube it after every trip (several trips greater then 100miles each)

If you are using your bike all through winter a Scott oiler is well worth considereing.

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I have always had great success with ebay for chain and sprockets!

always seem to be the cheapest prices

As for a scottoiler the hardest part is setting them up and when set up right they are worth their weight in gold

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Tsubaki chains are very well made apparently. They are the brand alot of vehicle manufacturers use for their timing chains.

Got one coming for the blade from sportsbikeshop.com who also do c+s kits.


Indeed they are

I have used them in the past :thumb:

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You get what you pay for with chains IMO. Worth getting a good one if you ride all year. Scotoiler, Tutoro or similar definitly worthwhile if you ride through winter.

Make sure you use a rivet link to close the chain rather than the little clip type.

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