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Zx6r hesitation


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Hi Folk, what would cause slight hesitation when I open throttle, (zx6r f1 1995)

Start from cold on choke, try to rev and it cuts out (didn't do this before) then after choke is off it seems to hesitate before it picks up. (Didn't do this before either)

But then seems ok after about 5 miles.

Any ideas?

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If it has only started to do it recently, it likely to be th ecold weather.

My GSX600 will start and run fine all summer without choke.

Get to late autumn and it will start with out choke but wont rev, needs choke to get it revving and running.

When winter arrives it needs choke to get ot started.

When it's frosty, it needs choke to start, revs slowly to begin with, wait for revs to rise to about 3000 then slowly reduce choke to keep revs at around 2000.

If I touch the throttle within the first minute it tends to kill the engine then its difficult to restart.

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I wouldn't worry Sam- mine does the same thing. I fire it once with no choke to clear out the pipes then give it maybe 3/4 choke and it then normally starts first time. if I try and rev it, it dies. after about 30 seconds it will go MENTAL and rev up to like 4000 so knock it down to half choke. throttle will normally be fine now.

Ride away, knock choke off at around 41c engine temp which it seems to be fine with

I think the problem is cold and old :lol: once it's running as long as I leave it for a bit it's as good as gold

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I don't think its carb icing

Is it miss firing too?

have you changed anything? like plugs or air filter?


When I had my ZX9R it backfired like a shotgun in cold weather. Pleased the neighbours at 6am :shock:

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