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Will a disconnected light drain the battery?


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A week or so ago I went out to my bike and noticed it had fallen (or more likely was pushed) and it landed in a way that severed the wire to my rear left indicator. I've ordered new ones and I took the wire out completely.

Being impatient I rode the bike since at night so had my lights on but the battery drained completely within about an hour or so. Is it possible that not having the indicator connected is some how draining the battery or do I just need a new one?

My bike is an 11 plate AJS 125 eco2. Please don't laugh.

I'm not sure if this is in the the spirit of this forum so if I've broken any rules please let me know.

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A disconnected indicator shouldn't drain the battery. Check that there's nothing else loose. Have you got a multimeter? If so check the battery is receiving a charge when the engine is running, it ought to be showing above 13v. Check the battery at rest and when a load is put across it. You only need a bulb to put some load on it - see if the battery voltage is dropping under load.

I had a battery a couple of months ago that read 12.6v at rest, but collapsed down to under 1v as soon a bulb was connected to it. Sure sign of a dud battery.

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as you have removed the wire then it should not be a problem as already been said as bike has been over on its side i would check battery level and if it is very low i would also be chukcing lots of water all round the area it has leaked onto to dilute it as much as possible it may cost you a new battery

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