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Beefy Is On Big Bikes!!!!

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Sorry for keeping it secret, it's been eventful!

My training started with a conversion day about 4-5 weeks ago, just a full day out riding big bikes under no pressure just getting used to the feel of them. This day was fun, we rode round various bike shops and drank coffee, on the way home we were even encouraged to have a bit of fun on the long straight empty dual carraigeway, we went ehem *70*... wasn't doing 3 figures I promise lots of fun. All round a good day on the bike.

Next came the MOD1 training, I was bricking it properly nervous - just for the bloody training. We had the test track booked out for the day to practice on, however we did a few of the manouvers in the grounds of the school before leaving. 5 Minutes in, nob head here dropped the bike trying to do a u-turn in second gear :mrgreen:. Punishent for this was buying the coffees before we went onto the test track(see pic). After that it's safe to say my confidence was in bits, but on the track itself I had no problems with the MOD1 - passed first time, no minors. Nailed the U-Turn, was a bit close on the avoidance but I adrenaline got hold and I took it a bit quick.

This photo was on the schools facebook page with "You know the rules, if you drop the bikes on slow control you buy the coffee!" gutted for me :mrgreen:


Yesterday I should have been doing training for MOD2, with the MOD2 test today. Well Doris f**ked that all up for me, we couldn't do any lessons as the wind was too bad, one school in the area was seen doing lessons and has been reported to the DVSA. I couldn't shift my test as there was no reason for it to not go ahead today, so I went into the test with no training apart from the conversion day and MOD1 on the track. I was proper nervous for this one, panicking as I thought I wasn't 100% sure on what to do. I just rode the bike and made sure I did the proper checks, passed with 1 minor 8-) . I got the minor turning into the test centre - very last thing I did! It was a right turn and I'd left too much of a gap so some wally decided he was going for it, he missed me by about 4", if he didn't do that i'd have passed with a clean sheet - but I don't really care, big bike shopping tomorrow:D

Hoggs get your dress out and get learning the song :up:

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I obviously jest Beefy, I was just buying time trying to find the perfect card for you!!!!!


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So what big boy bike you getting , apologies if you've already said.


Going shopping tomorrow, hopefully a 600 super sport :). Id love an R6 but I don't think that's going to happen so it's probably going to be a ninja or CBR.

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