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honda innova help please

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hi all i have a anf125 honda innova and for some reason the battery on the bike keeps on going flat ,i have tested the battery while the bike is running and the readings i got was when the bike is idleing was 10v and when i took it to about 3000 revs it was 14v so im unsure if it is the alternator or regulator is faulty any help would be greatly appreciated.


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When was the battery last serviced/changed?

If its been stood a while theres a good chance the plates have become sulphated and won't hold their charge.

Like stuart said the readings show that the alternator output is fine!

If you've got another battery try that?

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A good yuasa battery for that shouldnt be too steep but as above its not the alternator, if it was your voltage wouldnt increae with revs.

Is it left for long periods? If you can Id get an optimate, Ive got one on mine when not in use and it works a treat. 8)

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I guess it's a 12v battery?...which should be siting around 12v ..i think?...if as you said it is at 10v's i guess this may be show it's not holding the charge?..only using logic here..not experience...pls comment

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