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It's the old, old story...


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I've been following this pantomime on Facebook for a year or so, which involves an old acquaintance from years back:

60 year old man decides to sell successful UK business and put everything into setting up new venture in Thailand. Sets off to get things started, leaving wife behind to tidy up sale of business and house, with plans for her to join him later. No sooner does hubby arrive in Thailand than he falls for teenage prostitute in lap-dancing club, and promptly acquires startling assortment of STDs. Hubby tries to tempt prostitute away from seedy lifestyle by giving her lots of money. Prostitute moves in with hubby, but returns to turning tricks whenever she wants him to give her more cash. Hubby keeps paying her to come back. Time between coming back to hubby and going back to turning tricks sometimes as little as 24 hours. Eventually wife comes out to visit, and immediately acquires aforementioned startling assortment of STDs. Wife confronts hubby, and says she'll forgive his dalliance if he draws a line under it. Hubby says he can't, because he's in love with teenage prostitute. Sometime thereafter teenage prostitute turns up with his baby, hands it to wife, and goes back once and for all to turning tricks in strip club. Wife says this is the final straw, and wants divorce. Row ensues, and hubby punches wife in the face. Wife goes to police, who can't do anything because there were no witnesses. Hubby feels remorse and writes wife letter apologising for the fisty-cuffs. Wife takes letter to police, who promptly arrest him. Wife appoints hot-shot lawyer. Hubby wants divorce over and done with and signs paperwork without reading it. Wife gets the business, 75% of the proceeds and all its assets. Hubby gets criminal record and a Thai baby.

Ah... how many times have we heard that story...

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Wow. What a plonker.

Indeed. As the saying goes "Hell hath no fury like a woman who catches her husband balls deep in a whore". Or words to that effect. :lol:

Matched only by the capacity for men of a certain age to embrace self-delusion. Honestly men, pink shirts and a combover do not make you look younger.

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