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Alternative ground anchor solution

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Hi guys and girls

Long time since last post. I changed jobs last year and have been really busy with training in Denmark, getting used to shifts and general every day life stuff....

...anyway, I have chopped the Tracer in for something a little bigger engine wise and extra cylinder wise (didn't realise I missed the in line 4 so much until I test rode [emoji23])

I rang my insurance company to update details and they stipulated that this time I need to have a ground anchor......

..... I have a wooden shed....

Anyway after much searching for a suitable 'GROUND ANCHOR' that I could somehow attach to the floor or wall of my shed and not have any would be thief in fits of laughter at the futile attempt to stop them, I discovered this....





I drilled out a hole in my shed floor then drilled a hole in the slab underneath and smacked it with a sledge hammer. Job done in 10 mins [emoji3]

Hopefully this with help someone else on here that is struggling for a solution

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Hopefully you checked for any pipes/cables beforehand :shock:

On a serious note that looks handy for areas where we are not aloud to install anchors into the road/pavement.

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ok, I'll admit I may be being thick here. But whats to stop the theives from unscrewing it from the ground?

The chain and motorcycle attached to it?


would have to spin the whole shed around with the bike still inside!

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This is just a deterrent really. If a pro gets in they'll more than likely cut the chain with a grinder. They'll have to cut the disc lock too.

This was the conversation I had with the guy at my ins company. If they want it bad enough, nothing will stop them

Some funny comments....

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I have one of these with extra long bolts concreted into the bottom of my shed and it does the job.

just pass the chain through sorted. I got one from scrap trailer


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