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Buggerd engine?


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Hello guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle and in way over my head and I need some advice.

Bike: Yamaha YZF-R125

Problem: Buggerd engine?

So, a few weeks ago, my Yamaha with 11K on the clock ran into a problem, I was riding home and suddenly I lost all power from the engine ( I managed to keep it going by dropping it throw the gears) but then all the power came back (Just some crap going throw the carb I thought), okay, no problem, this happend a second time time, same as before power dropped, I dropped the gears, power came back, only this time , a noise came aswell, It's hard to pin point what the sound was, but it was kinda like a loud ticking noise, coming from the top end of the engine, (Tappets must be lose, I'll run it into the local garrage) , leave it with them they said, cue one week later, it's not the tappets.

Turns out, the engine had seized (I did cheek the oil 2 days before the original problem all seamed fine to me), apparently the piston eye-let (you'll have to forgive me here) had seized to the piston, caused the piston to jump or something and dented the cam/ crank, (they showed me the damage and there was scuff marks on the cam? and engine cylinder aswell) , and they want to do a full engine re-build/ get a new engine.

Now what I don't understand is, the engine was working about fine, no loss of power after this (apart from sometimes at idle it would stall) but the bike worked fine, apart from this noise, hell I even ridden it to the garage.

So my question is I'm I being f**ked with?

TL;DR Engine f**ked, but not f**ked, I'm I being conned?

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It could have been a hot seizure

IE when the engine gets hot everything expands and seizes up or starts to seize up

slowing down can be enough to loose that heat for it to start working again

I have had this on a car when a head gasket went and it drank all its water

Without seeing the engine its hard to say if you are getting screwed or not

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Exactly the same thing happened to a colleague of mine on a YBR 125 . Hate to have to say it but although it says Yamaha on the tank its actually made in China.

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