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Cbr 125 rw7 running issues


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I got myself a 2008 cbr 125

The problem I have is when I start it it revs straight to around 5000 rpm. And when it makes it's way back down to about 3000 it will shoot down and cut out, Just won't idle at all

The bike has no faults according to the fi light.

I've cleaned the fuel pump and fuel line. Checked the rubber boot between throttle body and head and checked the air filter housing connection and they all seem fine so it doesn't seem to have an air leak.

Tested the idle air vale and it's reading ok so I assume that's working.

I'm stumped

And help and ideas please ?

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Have you checked the Throttle Position Sensor (if it has one) and the Idle Air Admittance Valve (again, if it has one).....They may be called something else, this is what they're called on my Triumph..... 8-)

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I have checked to see if there's current to it and it has. I havnt actually taken it off as I'm not sure what to look for. I've also looked at the idle air valve and that seems fine. I've seen somewhere that is you take bits of or start fidling you need to reset ecu which I have just tried, and can also reset throttle position sensor bit I'm not sure how this one is done ?

Any help guys

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There's still a problem !!

I have replaced old fuel with new to make sure the fuel wasn't the issue. The idle is temperamental, sometimes it will idle at 3000 then drop and die and sometimes it will idle correctly for ages until I rev it then it will die again. I've tried adjusting the throttle sensor but doesn't seem to have an effect so now I'm stumped.

There's also no warning codes which I assume everything is ok but there's something not right

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