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Racing on the beeb


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While us eurosport viewers are watchingthe race hope your all enjoying crufts lol..!


Dont wish to Pi55 on your fire mate but BBCi is showing the 125 and 250 and bbc3 is showing the live motogp, with a season preview as well

Sunday 9 March

MotoGP preview

1415-1445, BBC TWO

125cc and 250cc races live

1645-1915, BBCi and BBC Sport website

Race live

1930-2100, BBC THREE, BBCi and BBC Sport website

Race re-run

2350-2450, BBC TWO and BBC Sport website

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Glad it getting good coverage but you can't beat Moody and Ryder and then throw in Mamola for good measure. Classic team a good laugh, gets all the insider scoop long before the BBC.

as a test over the season, someone who watches Eurosport post when news comes up and someone from the BBC do the same, there will be a race delay between Eurosport and BBC's news.

Parish knows he's stuff, and Cox is a decent bloke but it just sounds more entertaining on Eurosport see link below for example


The guys at Eurosport hang out with the teams the riders and real feel it when someone does well you can tell in their voices.

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I agree the eurosport team is good, but there no suzi perry!!!!!!!

Just seen though Suzi is feeling poorly so not in qatar this weekend :bang:

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Races are slightly longer in moto gp!

But I was thinking that then the wsb coverage went to a break!

Oh and I stil think there taking the piss with the crufts and sticking it o bbci or bbc outer mongolia or werever!

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Been watching WSB on Eurosport this season and i don't think they had ads on during the live feed as yet. Hope this is a trend they keep up in Motogp


I've got Eurosport too and I thought there was adverts in WSB although I'm not 100% sure.

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