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Scottish Motorcycle Show.

Guest Skoarnet

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So, was anyone there a Ingliston this sunday ?

Its ashame the weather sucked or i'd have taken me bike, but oh well, car ride it was.


KTM stand: Wow..... and i mean wow. KTM are fast becoming my favourite new manufacturer. The RC8 looks awesome in the flesh, however the 990 duke has stolen my heart. I had a seat on one, loved it. Wish i had the dosh.

Clothing, parts and Helmet prices: Absolutely unbeatable, got myself decent armoured trousers for £40. Iv never seen biking bargains like it. Will be saving some cash for next year. Excellent 3 for 2 prices on tyres. (One front, 2 rears)

Minimoto Racing: Had a shot meself, had to stop 2 laps from the end cos my legs cramped up, had some pretty close ones aswell. My wee cousin had a beltar of a crash and got run over. Jumped straight back on the biker like a true hero LOL.

Classics/Specials section: Beautiful stuff from nortons to show winning Z1000's and AMA & 80's Superbike replicca's. And also a couple of RD350 Drag racers making 140BHP !!!!

Stunt show: Including wheelie, jump and stoppie demo's, and the CAGE OF DEATH !!!

Hopsitality girls..... as ussual :P .


The honda stand: Just boring, soulless crap IMO. New Hornet wasnt there either.

No Street triple: What the f**k ?

Goldwing and Harley sections as f**kin ussual.

Every single new standard exhaust system there. f**kin KTM manage to beat EU emmision laws without looking f**kin rediculous, why cant anyone else. New ZX-10R's exhaust is an utter travesty to art, engineering and general aesthetics at large.

No MV's :( And No Jota's, even at the laverda stand.

So, was anyone else there ? What did you guys make of it ?

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i was there on the sunday,agree with the prices of some of the things but i just bought new gear less than 2 weeks ago so just bought a fleece and a t shirt as it was freezing and i was there from start till finish.

tried to buy a bluetooth helmet but there mobile c/c machine chucked it and the cashline machine i went to wasnt working so gave up on it after that.

seen a crash on the mini motos looked a sore one was a few kids and one of em lying for ages didnt move but he eventually got up.

i ended up standing on the quadsport bit (kids quads) as my mate used to work for em and someone never showed up so he got roped in and i got free passes so worked out ok.

few accidents on them too with the kids leaning the wrong way and rolling off sideways.

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