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Halfords full Face Motorcycle Helmet ST-1154

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Bought this as i needed a helemt (was on my way to buy my bike, 10 mins after cbt :lol: :lol:)

Certifed 4/5 on the sharp rating plain black, quick release visor and only £20!

The lining comes out so can be washed which is a plus and it has a few vents on the sides and top/front only the front two can be opened or closed though.



*decent sharp rating

*visor and lining easy to remove to clean

*Nice snug fit, comfortable

*decent chin strap with snap shut buckle and adjustable.


*two months in some of the fittings are quite loose now, the chin piece to keep draft out has fell off (lol)

*no idea on visor replacements, and if you can even get them to fit this helm

* Very drafty at high speed

* Scratches easily, quite a few little nicks and scratches from road debris.

overall, served its purpose got me road legal though will be replacing asap, Handy if you need a lid in a fix or as a spare for passengers but on anything over my 125 i think it would be far to open to the cold and wind noise would be quite harsh i'd think.

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