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flat spot in first gear Volkswagon golf mark 2 1.6


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Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum.

my car was running great BUT i decided it could do with the carburetor being sonic cleaned and all new parts, witch had a few extra bits changed new manifold air box bolts, then the garage replaced my Disco cap and set the timing up witch was random ?

went in for carb clean ?

well it was running that was the main thing.... i broke down 3 hours later took me 3 hours to get home i played with the timing advanced it or retarded by the side of the road, just to get home i had to thrash the poor car. i finally got home after a long journey of stop start stop start with the car rocking back and forwards coughing spitting popping banging. it was awful, next day i started the car up, pulled the choke out then left it idling. It was idling perfectly but it has a flat spot, so i took it back to the garage, they had it over 2 weeks in total, so one more week goes by i rung the business up they can't find the issue i collected the car it still has a horrible flat spot trying

to pull away, almost like it bogs out (standard everything fitted) new air filter manifold gaskets springs disco cap king lead fuel lines, still giving flat spot? this is only at pull away or in first gear acts likes a 2 stroke you pull away no power flat spot then builds up slowly and its away like a hesitation.

the clutch is really high to the point it flares, the garage mechanic said he thrashed a little bit but didn't seem to give him a flat spot... but i am now stuck with a car that has a flat spot (air leak or electrical fault) clapped out clutch and a oil leak where i am not sure where its coming from.

this has cost me £400 and the repairs not really been fixed the car never had a flat spot before when it was dirty something has been changed or replaced ?

Need a Car Guru please.

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Need a Car Guru please.


That's me that is.

My professional opinion is that it's likely another bag of shite from the CK graveyard.

What do you mean the timing was random and then you played with it at the side of the road?

Do you actually know how to set ignition timing, contacts etc on a dizzy?

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First thing - if the car was running great don't let a garage work on it unless they have proper mechanics trained to work on classics. Most technicians trained these days wouldn't know a carb from a camel's backside.

However - it is what it is - so where to start? There's so many things been done to it that things will be all over the place.

Put the timing back to factory standard. Check the timing marks carefully as some VW engines from that era have a variety of marks that can be confusing. I went out to a guy recently with a VW that they'd set the timing marks up using an indent on the rear face of the camshaft sprocket instead of the front face mark. Fortunately it was a non-interference engine or it would have been damaged.

Check the dizzy cap - many new aftermarket dizzy caps for older engines are a very poor fit. They go on but the internal contacts between the rotor and cap is out of line leading to weak sparks. If you've got the old cap put it back on.

Check the centre brush is in place, I've seen some where it fell out and all that was making connection was the spring.

Make sure all the bits they worked on are bolted up tight and there's no obvious sign of cracks or leaks.

Re. the carb - which carb is fitted to yours? Many older cars have different carbs from when they left the factory. Make sure the jets they fitted are the right jets for your engine. (eg - I run my 71 Viva on a carb mostly used in VW engines but the jets are totally different. If you went off the carb alone you'd fit the wrong jets.)

A flat spot can be down to a weak mix - could be an incorrect jet or a blocked jet, sticking float valve, low fuel delivery. Sometimes you can adjust across the range using the idle bypass screw - if you touch it remember the original setting and adjust 1/4 turn at a time - try making it slightly richer, an engine will always run on a richer mix especially under load, if it's too rich you'll get hunting on idle. If you can get hold of a Colortune from Gunsons they're not bad for setting up the basic setting.

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quick update i paid a garage to do the work witch was absolute rubbish, they didn't even clean the carb nor did they change the rubber gasket, i stripped it down last weekend found the rubber manifold was the same one and damaged, so replaced that and all the original gaskets this made it run better, still had a flat spot i bled the coolant system because i had a little leak. (expansion tank cap) went away for a few days, then Friday i stripped the carburetor jumped in blind and clueless :D wonderful idea, cleaned everything all very gammy for something that was meant to be cleaned, problem solved no flat spot little bit of a hesitation, but its fuel related this **** that worked on the car is now claiming that he never worked on the car.... i have proof recites.

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In future do your research on where to take it. As already said modern garages don't have to deal with carbs it's all injection, I wouldn't know where to start setting up a carb unless I had the manual to set it to factory.

Trouble is garages don't turn work away.... they say yh yh we can do that for you.

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I did I was recommended few times I popped down saw there place it was Ferraris in there old 911 flat nose jenta.

I took there word for it but truth has come out. I am speaking with trading standards in the new years, I will be going small claims court, annoyingly I paid 225 cash and £75 by card. Could of done a charge back.

I can't state who it is because they don't know they will be going though all this but once it's over I will state hints

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