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**** FULL THROTTLE BIKE WEEKEND 12th/13th April ****

Thursday 10th

Two guys from the Prospect Centre riding around the country trying to get to as many Shopping Centres in a certain amount of time to raise money and they'll be met at the Humber Bridge, escorted by a few bikes to Hull City Centre to a press call & photo shoot @ The Prospect Centre, but we needn't worry our pretty little heads about that,


We have the weekend activities to look forward to, this is where YOU all come in

Saturday Evening (12th April)

will see the social evening at The Springhead (once again, details in the poster) which I know, I know £10 is alot of money, but it is in aid of a good cause, and there be music, food, etc etc for your enjoyment. Please try and come? See me for tickets

Sunday Daytime (13th April)

This is the Full Throttle Bike Day in the centre of town, where we'd like as many bikes to turn up as possible, it's a little bit similar to the Barton type o' thing.

You have the option to just attend and see what's going on, or you can park your bike up with the others that'll all hopefully turn up and show everyone how pretty and clean it is (unlike mine) There'll be people loitering around with intent promoting bike orienatated "Stuff", and hopefully a few trade stands to boot.

There is also available for sale Raffle tickets only a quid!!

You have the choice of winning a Bike, and lots of other lovely goodies listed on the poster.

If you would like any further details, or would like to buy any tickets, either raffle or evening bash, or even maybe interested in having a trade stand there, please contact MYSELF ON HERE VIA PM and i shall get the event organiser to forward some details

Or contact bev: 01482 486012

PLEASE PLEASE, all we can ask of you (apart from buying tickets, lol) PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD AROUND

We haven't got alot of time left on this and it's success relies on YOU!! and your ability in getting the word out to as many people as possible

We know it's on the same day as the BikeSafe Launch day at the Humber Bridge, we are working in conjunction and trying to promote both Bike events, as you are all aware Hull seldom sees 1 bike event let alone 2! This Bike day in the centre of Hull located near the Prospect Centre has the potential to be an on going yearly event dependent on it's success, so once again, THAT'S UP TO YOU!!!! and the Weather)


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