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Suzuki Inazuma 250 won't change down to 1st

Guest Raposa

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I have just bought this bike after a 20 years break and have only ridden 125cc before. I have been practicing in quiet car parks and all has gone well, but whilst out on the road have often found the bike won't change to 1st gear on approaching junctions then won't change from 2nd to 1st when stationary. My guess is that I am feeling slightly pressurized among traffic and that this particular bike requires to be changed down at higher speeds and revs, than what feels intuitive to me, it does say disengage clutch at 12mph in the manual. I don't think it is a gear box problem, the gears work fine apart from this issue. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thank you

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Hello! :scratch: Never heard of a bike that has to be moving to go down gears. So would say maybe you're not quite engaging it properly either not enough force or clutch not in.

Although I suppose if it only does it when you're out maybe some kind of issue when hot.

I'm sure someone helpful will be along soon :lol:

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Just did a quick google to see if this had a different gear pattern ( not all bikes have one down 5 up ) but it is normal ... but lots of other topics with other people having the similar issue so may be worth googling suzuki inazuma 250 gear changes and reading .

I would check clutch adjustment , gear lever position is correct for you and chain tension as a start .

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