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SOLD SOLD SOLD. Yamaha MT125 2017/8 FSH. Balance of warranty

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Selling my 2017/8 mt125, bought brand new in January to prepare for my DAS, from main dealers. Hpi clear. I am the first and only owner .Bike is entirely original.

Yamaha racing blue .

Full service history including all receipts, using genuine Yamaha parts. Most recently serviced last week (oil change@ 1800 miles, I got the filter changed too). Comes with the balance of the 2 year warranty and the 1 year RAC membership.

Dropped the bike on a slow right hander a month ago and bike has a scuffed brake lever and pedals, bar and fork end and exhaust. Minor cosmetic stuff. Pictures attached .More can be sent or you are welcome to view .Does not affect the use of the controls, nevertheless happy to get this fixed at your cost ☺ or not. Estimated cost £80 - 180 depending if you want new original parts.

Apart from the scratches on right fork end and bar etc the bike is immaculate, as new. Its galling to drop it, having loved this bike more than is healthy, but stuff happens, and it gives you the chance of a bargain. New is £4300 so you are saving a third plus, on a bike with an 18 month manufacturer warranty, that's essentially just run in.

All books, keys, receipts etc.

I'm in Stockport. Please see my seller feedback on eBay as "synsur" because I'm entirely decent and trustworthy. I'm a 51 year old careful new rider so bike has NOT been thrashed or ill treated .Finally I wouldn't sell anything that I wouldn't be delighted to buy myself.

Advertised elsewhere and I'm not hanging about at this price, so hurry. Happy to answer any questions or bike can be viewed in the evenings by appointment .






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If/when Sue buys this today and I manage to get my feet on the pegs and ride it home :shock:

Does that mean I can swap the cruiser for an MT10? :lol: :cheers: :lol:


Sue not swapping anything to buy the 125, so that allows you to buy the MT10 without swapping the cruiser.. :cheers:

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:lol: no pics yet I'm afraid, we got home safely and had to go straight back out again

to fetch the dog from the vets.

I'm really impressed with the bike! much much better than the YBR!

I overtook at least 3 cars! :lol:

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Rob did all the servicing, yes Beefy, and I will be taking my new second hand cbf1000 (which I rode home today thrilled) to him too when the time comes. Top tip from you. 👍

Bigger bike problems for me: higher service costs, higher road tax, getting the b@st4rd thing on the centre stand. And filling it up with petrol 😢


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