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24 Volt Starter


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As some of you know After I finished my engine work my bike was hard to start with lots of starter clutch kickback :(

a 24v starting system was the answer

Bike has a Li-ion battery which should be enough to start 200+ Psi, but wasnt (a normal battery just clicks)

At the moment Im using the below method, however this has its downside of having to charge #2 battery with a tender or charger and "if" you let #2 battery discharge to empty the system wont start......stuck by the road :( but in reality it would have to be heavily discharged




I will be upgrading to a system that auto charges both batteries when all the parts come, and I will update accordingly

This consists of a Magnecraft 92S11D22D Relay wired as below



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Never needed 24volts to start our high comp sprint bikes. Just doubled up on cables between battery and starter motor. You sure you haven't got another problem.?

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Would a split charge relay kit for a caravan/second van battery not suffice, can get them all over, relay is fairly heavy duty, have you tried the batteries together to increase the amps instead of going to 24v

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Its a bit more complex than just a split charger. Needs to have the batteries wired in series when starting the bike but wired in parallel when charging them.

Megawatt makes a good point. Are you sure it's not just the standard cables not able to deliver sufficient current?

Certainly worth trying double cables first, even if you just use a pair of jumpleads as a test.

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Timing is slightly advanced which is where the high Psi is produced

I have new Heavy duty cables too

The engine is seriously hard to turn over by hand with plugs in, Its running the way I wanted it too

24v Starter system works really well, as you can hear on the video, and I had to use it before I broke a tooth on my starter clutch (I have checked it & ok)

The last diagram connects 24v when the button is pressed and then goes to seperate battery charging when engine running

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