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Sinnis Stealth 125 review


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What model was it? Sinnis Stealth QM125-2D

When did you buy it and how much did it cost? Bought it about 2 years ago as a first bike from a friend at work who was jumping up to a bigger bike for £700. It was a 2014 plate and had about 7500 miles on it

Good points? Never had an issue with it starting, been a perfect bike all round in terms of that, starts first time every time, needs to have choke on unless it's been sitting in direct hot sunlight, I've put about 5000 miles onto it now and haven't had a single issue other than a chain snapping due to my own newbie self not taking good enough care of it. Every other issue on the bike I've had has been caused by myself some way or another. Took this thing on a 600 mile round trip to Calstock Bike Rally down in Cornwall which was an experience, not one I'd do again, but even so; it was definitely worth doing. I use this bike as a commuter to work now and it's still not let me down yet, I've ragged this thing around and not really taken amazing care of the thing, and it still runs and rides fine.

Bad points? It's slow. All 125's are, but this one feels moreso, after measuring on a GPS based speedo inside my tank bag the max I actually got to was about 57 mph, which is on the lower end of things for 125's from what I've seen. Other than that, nothing really. It has clip ons as stock and a dual front disc (for some reason) as stock and I don't personally like the clip on style, but that's subjective.

Would you get another? Nah. I'm enjoying the bike but I wouldn't buy it again just purely because I'd rather get something Japanese.

Any other comments? If you can find this bike as a cheap second hander, and it looks to be in good working order, grab it, it's a good first buy if you're just starting out on bikes.

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