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Zx6R F3 running problem

Guest jacobeana

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Could any one help me with my problem

My bike is a 1997 zx6r F3 35k blue flame exhaust but the rest is standard

Have owned the bike since 2008 and the only issue I had was a slight flat spot at 4k due to the blue flame exhaust.

So, my problem is as follows the bike stood for 18 months with the odd starting up. So, went to put it on the road this summer and low down up to 4k it ran awful after 4k it was ok, difficult to start.

So, I serviced the bike.

New plugs air filter fuel filter, fully stripped the carbs cleaned all the jets new needle valves checked the float heights, check the diagrams for holes set the pilots to standard.

I then balanced the carbs and checked for any vacuum leaks all good. Bike now starts first press of the button revs well and drops down to 1200 rpm with no hanging all good.

Now for the problem

The bike runs like it is going onto reserve

One second it is flying next its like it is running out of fuel, pull away in first if fly’s round to 12k change to second it starts to miss at different points through the rev range.

Sometimes it just seems like it has totally lost power and will not pick up even if you fully open the throttle.

Now this was not happening before I serviced the bike and stripped the carbs

So, I went back to square one re stripped the carbs and checked everything removed the coils and tested them all reading same as manual, rebalanced the carbs still the same problem.

Now the only problem I can see it number two cylinder seems to be running colder that the rest when you squire water at the exhaust pipe, so I swapped over the coils number two is still running a bit cooler than 1 3 and 4. This may not be a problem

Picture of plugs

Anyone have any ideas

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Try moving the No.2 plug to a different cylinder and see if that cylinder runs cooler.

It is not unkown for a new plug to fail. Unlikely but possible, but it will rule out another possible fault.

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