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Looking for a cheapish battery charger. Saw this https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/buy/Doctor-Bike-Dr950-Battery-Optimiser/5582.htm

But someone mentioned to get a charger that also charges gel batteries and not just lead? Any idea what battery would be in a 2010 sv650 and also if I bought a new battery would it be gel or would I be okay with a lead one?

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if I bought a new battery would it be gel or would I be okay with a lead one?


Gel are better as they are sealed and maintenance free.. lead/acid batteries can occasionally need topping up. also they are a little less good in winter and if its really cold.. well below zero, there is a small chance that they could burst.

Gel are better than Lead acid. AGM batteries are best of all... the most commonly recommended being from the Motobatt brand. They arrive fully charged and ready to fit.. they also weigh less. And produce more power for better cold starts.

There is no such thing as a charger for lead/acid that wont work just the same on a Gel.. or an AGM. the technology in all 3 is the exact same.. just the materials are different.. and its this difference that makes for improvements as you move through the 3 types. A Gel battery is just a lead/acid with a thickener.. thats sealed in... with special vents that allow gasses to escape. An AGM is the same.. though the Gel is held in mats of fibreglass and sandwiched between these are the lead plates.. because the lead plates cannot move they can be made from super soft pure lead that are considerably thinner.. and its this that makes the battery 'stronger'. (and a little lighter)

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Gel cells need charging at a lower amperage than lead acid. If they are charged too fast the gel separates from the plates and it kills them. You can buy a plug in charger for gel cells at sub 500Ma which are only a few pounds. They're quite handy for maintaining both lead acid and gel batteries.

The Optimate and CTEK are good and well worth it, but you can use a simple gel charger if you only want to spend a few quid.

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Gel cells need charging at a lower amperage than lead acid.


Lower than what? you seem to be suggesting sub 500Ma. is that right?


No - I just said you can buy gel cell chargers that are cheap at 500Ma or less (mine is 400Ma) and they're handy for bike batteries. If the OP is looking for a cheap option it's worth looking into. Often they are sold as simple plug in lead-acid chargers with outputs of 500Ma or less. I've used gel cells for model aircraft pit box power supplies for years and the trick is to charge them slow and low to make them last. Model shops sell them for a lot less than you'd pay for something similar from a bike shop.

Gel cells can be charged with a standard charger but if the current is too high for too long the gel separates from the plates and it naturally can't flow back again. With lead-acids most chargers will raise the voltage to ensure maximum charge, if monitor the battery temperature you'll notice it gets warmer as full capacity is reached. That's where your gel cell begins to have problems - they won't tolerate that heating up phase. Hence a cheap, simple and easy solution is a low amp charger. The chargers that are 'universal' have the capacity to charge low and slow. I wouldn't use the charger I use for my leisure batteries on a gel cell - an 8amp charge would fry them.

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Im assuming I can use a normal car 12v battery charger? Doesn't charge at too high an amperage?

No unless it has a charge rate less than 1 amps

motorcycle batteries may not be recognised by most car chargers but anything over 1amps may severely damage the battery or cause to explode

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