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Sena 10upad

The intercom that fits inside a helmet, it comes installed into replacement pads that are designed to simply snap into your lid (specific to helmet make).

HJC IS 17 in this instance.

Fitting is very straight forward, bit fiddly getting the very edge of the pads fitting snug into the thin lip around the outer edge but no more difficult than taking them out to clean and refit.

Stealth fit nothing visible from the outside and no mic/cables or speakers to fiddle with, whats not to like

Well a lot as it turns out.

Although the lid was a good fit prior to the install, the left pad which has most of the tech inside it is very un squishy which turned it into a bit of an uncomfortable exercise getting it on, has not and will not get any better as the buttons and main control wont get any more pliable than they are and they aren't

Only 3 buttons on the underside which are a reasonable size, center main button is inset so its easier to locate, but with thick gloves on its not the easiest to operate.

Sound quality intercom/phone/music when working is very good.

Issues, many, out of the box it failed to charge fully or failed to show full charge, would not hold charge for more than a day or two, contacted sena who were very helpful, went through everything possible, firmware update, pin reset, software reset, charged via pc, charged via good phone charger, charge/discharge cycles, took almost a month to get it to hold a charge for more than a day, thought it was eventually sorted, connected phone to it, no problem, connected sena 20s to it errr no, spent hours trying to connect, nothing, sent another email to sena with regards connection or lack of it to the sena 20s, sods law as soon as i sent the email the bloody thing connected.

Worked flawlessly between it and the 20s, checked battery on return, showing 2/3 full, switched off, checked next day, wont turn on, intermittent discharge still occurring.

In short, its pants.

I don't believe they are all like this but mine was, sena have been great and have offered to sort it out should i have any issues with returning it to the supplier and were willing to intervene after about 2 weeks of trying to sort the problems with charging, It was me who kept trying to resolve it (my bad)

In short

1 If your helmet is a snug fit, this may make it a very snug fit

2 You may be better off shouting at each other

3 If you get one that works it will be good

4 Be prepared to loose hours of your life you wont get back.

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