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This heatwave


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Our friends have just come back from Corfu.

We've been dog sitting for the week.

Walks in door.

"Where's thee tan soft lad" :lol:

Get a better tan in leeds :thumb:

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I remember the summer of 69 :D


Did it seem to last forever?


It did, me and some guys had a band we tried real hard

All I remember of 76 was a lot of news guys standing on parched ground at the bottom of a reservoir.

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I don't remember the summer of 69 or 76... mostly cause I wasn't born :P

But yea, even up here in the wilds of Scotland I can't remember the last time we have had such a prolonged spell of hot and clear weather. I'm starting to really enjoy going home from work and just lazing around the back garden with a book, I'll miss it when normal weather returns :roll: :lol:

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I remember camping in Nottingham in 76, the camp in the next field left a big propane cylinder out in the sun and it exploded. Fortunately everyone was out for the day so no casualties, but it made a hell of a mess.

That and watching workmen install a height barrier on the site and the realise they couldn't get their van out.

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I was 15 in the summer of ‘76

Took full advantage of the hot weather to pursuade young ladies to partake of a bevy and take a wander through the fields on a balmy evening 😛

Ripping round the woods on a C50 in shorts 😱 until it got dark or the parky got pissed off with the noise and chased us off.

Park football kick abouts only lasted 1/2 hour coz it was too hot and every one buggerd off to buy ice pops.

Remember the news showing dried up rivers and stand pipes - we were lucky no to have it affect us.

Went to watch a local scramble ( Moto x ) - huge mistake, after the first lap you couldn’t see a thing, the dust was horrendous.

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I remember 76 .. and the snow storm that hit that winter . I used to live on a council eat on the side an top of mountin when the snow came it blocked the est off from the town 30ft snow drifts around our house as we live at.the end of a street. My dad walked 6 miles each way to get 2 loaves bread and 3 pints milk ..

Nothing could get on to the eat from the main road ... UNTILL the social club ran out of beer...

The men of the est cleared the road from the pub down to the main road . About half mile long ...... to get the beer lorry up ..

The only 4x4 I ever saw was the top shops owner who wanted to charge 50p for a loaf of bread. No one bought any ..they rather walk 12 miles then pay 50p .. I guess 50p was a.lot back in 76.

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