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Problem with Triumph Thunderbird Silencer

Guest JohnAdams

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Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone has any idea, if it is possible to restore something similar to the original Exhaust note of a Silencer that has been tampered with to increase the sound of the exhaust note. IE. (Baffel stops drilled out).

The approximate bore size of the Silencer is 25mm and is fitted to a 1996 Triumph Thunderbird, this is the standard bike and not the sport.

I appreciate that a repair may not be possible, however anyone having any info on this subject would be welcome to respond.

Many Thanks

John :)

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Thanks for the reply Stu,

Basically the previous owner has drilled out the stops in the exhuast, leaving a straight bore through the exhaust. I wouldnt mind, but its far too noisey and does not sound as a triumph should!

I Was wondering if a solution maybe to knock a conventional end feed copper stopend (plumbing fitting) of almost exact diameter into the exhaust bore with a coating of exhuast sealer. I realise this would be a bodge of sorts, however I am unsure where to locate the stopend into the length of the silencer bore. IE. Would i fit the stopend one third down the way down from the exhaust gas inlet and then another say two thirds down, but this time of a smaller diameter as the bore seems to decrease as its length increases.

The silencers fitted on the bike are in immaculate condition any comments would be useful to me as i would like to restore the original sound as far as possible, as i am unable at present to spend something like £400 on a replacement silencers.



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bit of a long shot but there is this guy in Wales--deals in Triumph stuff--I sold him some Sport exhausts---email him--sorry haven't got actual address and he got nothing listed currently

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0203239645

if I hear of any Thunderbird end cans I'll try and remember this---getting quite rare but they are out there

could also try gissit which emails breakers on your behalf and you usually get some good replies


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