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Hi Guys,

Had my Mod 2 today which went amazing, passed with 0 faults just like my Mod 1, so super chuffed about that. Now I’m in search of a BIG bike, I will be selling my YBR back to the dealership I bought it from tomorrow :crybaby: . My questions is which bike should I go for and how much should I be paying for insurance? The 4 bikes I have narrowed it down to are MT07 (the only Naked), R6, Daytona 675 and GXSR600. I would only be using it for pleasure really and hopefully start getting in to track days. I’m 30 and the bike would be on my drive locked to the ground by the anchors I installed for the YBR. You opinions are appreciated


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Congrats on the pass!

Go sit on an r6. I was set on one until I sat on that torture rack. Ouch. The mt07 is a great bike but not all that powerful (compared to an r6). I ended up getting the mt10 - insurance was less than the r6 strangely, for a shed load more cc and power.

How much should you pay? Depends on loads of things. I'm 33 and live in a nice area. Fully comp on a new r6 for me was £1300 a year I think? 3 points for speeding, 1 years ncb. But don't compare to me - every person and quote is different, and 'it is what it is'... Get on gocompare, go sit on some bikes.

And don't be fooled by mce's trackday insurance included in their fully comp - the excess is half the value of the bike...

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Congratulations on the pass :D

Like above, go sit on them and see which you like. Also check out the insurance costs.

The MT07 is different from the others: it's probably more of an all-rounder. It would be great for commuting or longer rides; you could even tour comfortably on it. And of course you could commute or tour with the sports bikes, but that's not what they do well. What these ones are really good at is: giving a very engaging ride, going fast, looking gorgeous and wailing like banshee. In my view, the Daytona scores best overall on these measures, but the GSXR is probably the more comfortable, and easier to ride.

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