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Black Widow exhausts


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I had a Black Widow Exhaust killed to my Kawasaki KLE500 when the old original exhaust rusted away. I chose it because my local dealer was happy to fit it, as they had never had any problems with them (they would not fit some other brands due to fitting issues) and it was relatively cheap at £325 for the whole system (plus add something for fitting)



Even though this was supposed to be a road legal, quieter one, it was like riding around on WWI machine gun with the bikes parallel twin making a marvellous noise.

I noticed at this years TMBF rally there were a couple of others who had opted for Black Widow exhaust and like me they were very happy with them. They are a British company and have a huge selection for all sorts of bikes;


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Yeah I believe [mention]Westbeef[/mention] has one on his CBR and from the little time I was riding with him, it sounded really lovely!

Not too loud to be obnoxious but just loud enough to let other road users know you're about, nice deep burble at low revs and then a lovely roar when opened up.

They don't do one for mine at the moment, but might have to send them a message as the current one I'm looking at is painful money.

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Yeah they seem good value for money mines the GP style and is actually road legal (No stamp) however I think if a copper was to get their dB meter out it may push the boundary. Never had any trouble in regards to that though as there are plenty louder exhuasts out there :). The only issue I've got with mine is that it's messed the fuelling up and the bike doesn't run as smooth as it could, it hangs a bit around 7k rpm and hunts on the idle (I've got a full system). I've tried everything to fix the hunting and can only put it down to the exhuast now, but it sounds lovely espcially when you wind it up :D .

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