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hi there ive got a 70cc big bore kit 47.00mm piston size and i think its the mk big bore kit but im not a 100% sure as bought the bike with it already on, anyway ive got a big problem i lost compression about a mouth ago and took the head off and the was no gasket for the inner part of the head that goes round near the piston so i made a paper one wchich lasted a day but did work for that day fine, so i got hold of a metal gasket for the head but was off i think a peugeot or somthing but did line up ok so i used that and bolted the head down and i got it started but as soon as i fill the rad up so it goes in to call the head it leaks throught the metal gasket into the piston and ive tried loads all the putty stuff hermitite etc and even a rubber o ring and just cant seem to solve the problem does anyone have any answers also ive noticed you can get a rubber o ring sort of thing that is the same as the metal head gasket and it surpose to be for the head gasket but would it last with the compression like a metal one would could some one please help you can txt or phone me on xxxxxxxxxx if you have any suggestions I JUST DONT NO WHAT TO TRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rubber gasket would tihs work???????


same kit as mine

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Ok this has been moved to Pitstop :wink: the other threads have been deleted

I've also removed your phone number from the post,its not a good idea to have it posted on a open forum,i'm sure if anyone knows the answers they will post in here,why not say hello in the newbies section while your waiting :D

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