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Oypla 500kg Motorcycle jack

Mississippi Bullfrog

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With most bikes these days not having centre stands getting them up to do basic maintenance can be interesting. I have paddock stands but they're sometimes fiddly and having bought a Triumph Bobber there's nothing at the back end to get hold off.

This jack is cheap but very solid and stable. It comes with two frame supports which are fine but they won't fit under the low frame on the Bobber. I took them off and replaced them with two rubber jack pads off my car trolley jacks - resulting in a simple and very stable way to raise either end of the bike. I really don't like working on bikes that wobble around when they're raised up - this stand locks the bike solid.

It comes with a socket with a steel pin to wind the jack up and down - I replaced that with a 7/8" socket on my rachet drive, making it much easier and smoother.

For £41.99 from Amazon I half expected a cheap and nasty bit of far eastern tat - this is a good solid little jack and for the price it's real value for money.




Sits low so easy to store

No hydraulics to go wrong

Comes with two frame supports, or these can be easily removed for low slung bikes.


The socket drive supplied is hard work to use - replace with a socket as said and it's much better.

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For some reason the link won't paste into the post - it just leaves a blank space. But if you search on Amazon for motorcyle lift it's the first one that comes up.

I'll get a photo on my phone tomorrow as I'm planning on using it to lift the back of the bike when I fit my swing arm bag.

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Stu - your post has done what mine did - the link is there in the quote but it isn't showing on my screen, just a blank area. Unless other people can see it?

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I thought it looked a bit flimsy but I think it's the way they've photo'd it. I've had my Bobber up on it and flimsy it is not. The photo shows it at full height - it lifts the Bobber clear of the ground after only a couple of turns of the screw so the scissor action is nowhere near as fully extended as they show it. If you used the frame cradles - which are themselves extendable - I don't think you'd ever need to wind it up to that height.

I was pleasantly surprised how solid and robust it is. The box it came in says it weighs 15.85 kg and it certainly feels chunky. I looked at similar jacks that did feel a bit flimsy but went for this one off a recommendation - I am not disappointed.

I'll take a photo of the bike on it later and post it up.

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As it comes - with the frame supports in place. They are adjustable by screwing them up and down, not a huge degree of adjustment but sufficient to give you room to work on frames which are different heights either side.


How I use it - with rubber jack pads from my car trolley jacks as the Bobber sits very low to the ground. And a socket to raise and lower it.


With a Triumph Bobber raised off the ground so I can work on the chain, clean the rear wheel, or in this case just have the bike level so I can install the swing arm bag on the left hand side


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