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mental training and racing

Guest motorbikepeppy

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Hi everyone I have been giving some thought on how racers can go faster. If all bikes where the same and all as fast as each other. it must come down to mental ability. Has anyone ever known anyone to use brain traing or meditation


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Yea I believe Rossi does, as does toseland, I have been involved in this sort of thing with coaching and can say it defo works.

However never underestimate the power of skill and ability as well as good decision making under pressure.

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yup not in bike racing but have used all kinds of mental tricks, autogenic training and visualisation are probably the most effective. Aromatherapy can produce big results if you get the oils right too. and yes having the natural ability and correct mental approach in the first place then building and developing all that is what really counts. Potential champions are born but actual champions are made -

success is when preparation meets opportunity

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