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Horse nappys!

Rookie Rider Rob

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Anyone else think horses should fitted with a Nappy on the roads.....to stop them crapping on the apex of blind bends!!

I'm telling you! Giant Horse nappys!.....put that in your manifesto politicians!! :lol:

Come down The New Forest and argue that point, the ponies where here first. Maybe but not so certain that the riding schools and stables where they take numerous horses out daily carpeting the roads near by with crap.

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Where I live there are a lot of horses and I have to say it is just the minority (as it is with most things) but the sense of self entitlement and lack of thought for other road users of some horse riders really irritates me.

Slow moving vehicles should pull over every now and then to allow traffic to pass, a quick glance behind is all it takes to know if you’re causing a massive tail back and should motivate you to get out of the way.

Considering the environmental angle it’s something everyone should do..... Im talking to you tractor drivers out there that cause mile long tail backs. Grrrrr.

I was a horse rider and have driven tractors but firmly believe all selfish road users should be shot! Drastic? Perhaps but it would lower everyone’s blood pressure when they weren’t fretting about arriving on time and it would be safer because people often speed after they’ve been held in slow moving traffic, not to mention the dodgy overtaking that occurs when people are frustrated. I wonder if anyone’s ever calculated the emissions caused by selfish slow moving road users?

And to whoever pulled into my driveway two days ago and left a massive dump- thanks a lot.

Rant over.

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