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F...... Neighbors


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Moved into this place a few years ago and had a brilliant neighbour (I'm end house so just 1).

He selfishly decided to sell at start off the year and move to a bigger place as he is starting a family :roll: new family moved in, youngish couple and seemed nice enough.

Previous neighbour had a large brick fish pond in garden where he kept koi and new neighbors decided to take it out, all in all that took around 3 months, first they attempted themselves, then they got an absolute bunch of cowboys in before finally getting in some people who appeared to know what they are doing and pulled it up in a day.

However a side effect of this is they have damaged the adjoining fence quite badly. Most of the posts are now totally loose and one of the workers has put a boot shaped hole in it (which is annoyingly head height for my dog that has tried to crawl through it to get their cat!)

Spoke with them the other weekend and they assured me it would be fixed last week, needless to say this never happened, wind has kicked up this morning and now find fence has totally detached in places but even more annoyingly there is an alleyway at end of gardens and their fence has come down at the end as well but ripped out a panel of my fence with it!

Now my garden is totally open (and where 125 is stored) plus I can't just let dog out without putting him on lead or supervising him.

Just absolute piss take how long this has been going on.

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Get an estimate for repair / replacement and talk to your neighbour - Suggest they pay you in cash and you will arrange the repair. Also suggest that if they would like there bottom fence 'sorting' at the same time, you will get this priced up for them.

Be nice but also be persuasive.

Good luck.


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They might be skint, which is why it's taking so long.

I've been the "bad neighbour" before but it was much more trivial as it was over not mowing my lawn after the mower broke and I couldn't afford a new one until pay day. Ironically they had one they could have lent me but from their tone in asking me when it would be done, and how it continued after I said my mower was broken, I don't think that was on the cards.

So just ask them what the score is. With a fence it's not hard, some post fix cement and that deals with a lot of the issue. A temporary patch on the hole as well wouldn't be too hard.

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I'll speak with them when they are home tonight, tbh I understand the skint thing however before it got like this it was just a bit loose and they could had patched it quite easily for cheap, I've been out to inspect damage and now a lot is beyond repair, at least 3 posts have snapped at the ground and one post has pulled up the entire concrete base. Most of the panels are ripped now and getting worse.

The panels are attached their side so I can't even get to them to remove downed sections in hope of saving the rest of fence.

Unfortunately their garden is still just dirt so so penis drawings :(

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Whose fence is it?

If theirs, let your dog take a big dump in the middle of their garden, they will soon get the message.

If yours get it repaired and send them the bill then take to court if they dont stump up.

We live in a semi, our neighbours house is let out, all the tenants have been great but the landlord is pretty slack on maintainance.

Last Autumn I cleaned out our guttering and saw their side was full of crap and weeds, the guttering is linked around both houses so any blockage their side will affect mine.

Wrote a nice email to the letting agents asking they advise the landlord.

The agents responded but the landlord ignored it, so I wrote 3 times, the last time I said if no action was taken I would contact the council.

Sure enough he again ignored it, so a quick email to the council really stirred it up and the gutters were cleaned in a week.

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It’s really not pleasant falling out with your neighbours. You have to see them all the time and petty tit for tat stuff can get really out of hand in a place you’re supposed to be able to relax in. I sold our old house to a complete lunatic, didn’t know that at the time but she swiftly fell out with everyone and would even go into the neighbours garden and cut down her hedges. She built a new garage which encroached onto the neighbours land without even asking and when challenged just insisted the land was hers anyway. She turned up here a couple of times ranting and raving, if any post missed being redirected she’d throw it on the driveway rain or shine. I had to tell her in the strongest possible language to go and see her gp and get her medication sorted out because she was crazy.

She sent me a letter later on explaining her life was a daily torture and some other stuff that was illegible. Not fun being in that head. I lost patience in the end because our springer spaniel George was a farm dog and she would encourage him to go to her place (his old home) by feeding him and taking him down to the sea for a swim which he loved more than anything. She loved fighting though so it was difficult to stop her because if you lost your cool you were giving her what she wanted. Got there in the end though.

I’d tell them your going to get someone in to give a quote and does it matter to them when it’s done because it’s making your life difficult so the sooner the better.

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Last place I lived in neighbour was an absolute twat, ended up getting a harassment order out against him so was really pleased when I moved here and had a decent neighbor!

Tbh these are nowhere near his level though, they are just inconsiderate, our front gardens are open plan and they always cut across mine when going out but more annoyingly they don't even try being discrete and just straight past window, thinking bear traps should sort that though.

Well fence is completely down now, have 2 panels closest to house up still but rest are now laying in their garden, checked the panel of mine that's down at end of garden and panel itself is fine, my fence has concrete posts, the post their side has come down and just pulled panel out, once they replace post that can go back on fine though.

I'm just happy it landed in their garden and not on my plants :lol:


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Just keep wandering in to thier garden with no clothes on smoking a pipe .. gently scratching your nuts then your chin, whilst gazing into the air .


Don't see how acting normally will help :scratch:

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Our neighbour on one side is a mad, needy, stirring alcoholic.......but she keeps her distance from me as she knows I don't play her games..... :roll:

Our last conversation a couple of months ago went like:

Neighbour: Do you have someone living in your garage? (Our garage adjoins her house)

Me: Why do you ask?

Neighbour : I can hear voices coming from there

Me: Why the f*ck would I have anyone living in my garage?

Neighbour : Dunno. But I can hear voices coming from there.

Me (opening the doors to a garage full of motorbikes, bits of motorbikes, and a host of other stuff): And just where do you think they would sleep?

Neighbour : (shrugs): But I hear voices

I lock the garage and walk away!

So I feel your pain regarding neighbours, mate. Hope you get the fence sorted as promised.

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If there's actually someone living in your garage without your knowledge you're going to feel silly though :lol:


:lol: :lol: .....I'd like to see someone try.......evidence suggests that there's a floor in our garage, but it's been so long since I've seen it I'm just trusting that it's still there!.... :lol: :lol:

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I have a crazy woman a few doors down, knocked my door on new years Eve...

"Is your wife home?"

Me "no" (don't mention the reason is because I live on my own)

She then proceeds to rant at me that my "wife" has complained to council about her dog and they've now taken it away, at this point I tell her no wife and didn't even know she had a dog (she lives about 5/6 houses down) plus only dog I ever hear barking is my own.

She then tells me that she knows it was someone here as she has asked everyone else and they said no so must have been my wife!

By now I am losing temper so ask her politely to self procreate and suggested travel arrangements away from my front door. First and only time I met her.

(I do actually live in a really nice area believe it or not :lol:)

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