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For sale: Freshly built HONDA CB500 Cafe Racer

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Hi Guys,

I`ve decided sell my recently finished Cafe Racer. Took almost 6 months to re-build and transform it into something awesome. Currently painted in greenish-blue emerald color that`s a bit edgy but I love it. If the color is too much and you want something more classic, I can repaint it in Marrakesh brown, since I already have the paint bought.

Anyway, here`s the build breakdown:

“Raw material”:

· Honda CB500, 94` with 57`000 km mileage;

· Mint condition, taken care off;

· In Latvia since 09`, one owner.

Frame and components:

· Stripped;

· Sandblasted;

· Spray-painted in gloss-black.

Engine and components:

· Stripped;

· Cleaned;

· Spray-painted with heat resistant matt-black.

· New Oil temp gauge fitted, since original speedo with this function was removed.


· Stripped;

· Cleaned;

· Spray-painted in matt-blue/green.

Tail and seat:

· New tail with brown, stitched seat and the option ride solo or have a passenger;

· Spray-painted in matt-blue/green.


· Custom made aluminium bridge, painted in gloss-black;

· Fehling clip-on`s with certificate;

· Brown rubber grips to match the seat;

· New Café racer mirrors;

· Ignition key refitted to the right side, beneath the tank.


· Original speedo eliminated;

· New Digital Daytona Velona speedo+tacho that can be reset to mph;

· New Koso warning light unit.

Lights and indicators:

· Original headlight cleaned and spray-painted in gloss-black to match the frame. Yellow foil to add the old-school look;

· New Tail and brake light is E marked LED. Has the right design and functions;

· New Number plate light, also E marked LED;

· New Indicators are all E marked torpedo`s.


· Custom made silencer with proper insulation and heat resistant paint;

· Whole exhaust wrapped in titanium heat wrap.


· Rims cleaned and spray-painted in gloss-black;

· New Michelin tires.

The result is a brand new bike :)

Price £ 2`900 + transport costs, since the bike is located in Latvia. Delivery costs should not exceed £ 250.







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