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Fitting Heated Grips on a Live Feed


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Good morning All.

I am hoping someone could enlighten me on how to wire up my heated grips through a Live Feed to the ignition.

Now I will be honest that entire sentance may as well be in mandarin for all i understand about electrics.

I know that this little in-offensive live wire has to be fitted in the fuse box, but where? These are R&G Heated Grips and have an inline fuse built in.

I have a Suzuki Gz 125 Maurauder 2009.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

And yes i've read the instructions that came with the grips, it does not tell you how to do this.

And yes I would agree with those of you who say "it's easy" if you have a tiny understanding of electrics which i don't.

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You need to find someone who understands circuits then, that's your first step as a dangerous installation could damage your bike or you.

The best way by far is to connect it via a switched supply that is switched by the ignition coming on. So that you can't drain the battery when the bike isn't running.

You need a relay, these can be bought all over the place but Halfords do them and will help in this example:


Look at pins 85 and 86 firstly. These trigger the switch in the relay, so need to be wired to a circuit that comes on with the ignition. The side light is a good choice as it only has two wires going to it, and you just need to break into the live side.

I like to use a proper 3 way wire splice (rs components stock them https://www.rapidonline.com/Catalogue/Product?Id=50-0025). I cut this wire and run both ends into the splice taking up 2 of the ways, the third way is where you run your own cable to terminal 85, and 86 connects back to the battery negative. This can be direct or you can repeat the splice with the negative wire of the side light.

Then you run a cable direct from the live end of the battery and connect this to terminal 30. Terminal 87 then runs to your heated grips, with the negative direct back to the battery.

I appreciate I probably just spoke as good as chinese there, but if you get someone who knows circuits, this is an easy guide to follow.

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I wired mine straight to the battery (the wiring contains an inline fuse) I have a remote close to the handlebars and just have to make sure I turn them off. They’ve been on a year used many times and I haven’t forgot yet!

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@Mistress Have a look at this thread. there is a wiring diagram for switching the feed to the heated grips.



To the amazement of all of my work colleagues, the loom that I made up for this actually works a treat (usually I'm blowing myself up and everything around me).

Still using it today.

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Thanks Leener.


No worries.

If I remember right, the pins on the relay go:

30- live from the battery

87- output live to your grips

86- negative to grips and battery

85- switching live

I put the switching live to the white wire in my ignition loom, but you can usually tap into the fuse box to get a live.

I'm no expert, so I'm sure somebody with some more advise will always be along if I missed anything out.

Setting it up was really easy and if I ever need to take the loom off, it takes just a minute.

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