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Not sure if this is allowed, so won't be pissy if it gets deleted :wink:

I signed up to Bulb energy last year and have saved a ton of money compared to my last supplier (Sainsbury's energy), who were previously the cheapest in my area. I'd encourage anyone who hasn't swapped for a while to check them out and get a quote - 100% renewable energy sources, cheaper than the big 6, they'll credit any exit fees to your account after you switch and have no exit fees of their own so if you don't like it, there's no financial loss. If you use this link to get a quote and sign up, we both get £50 credited to our bills as well, win-win - www.bulb.co.uk/refer/greg290 :thumb:

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I was with Extra Energy for about a year when I moved in to my new place. I saved loads of money!

Mainly because they didn't bill me until a couple of years after I switched to another supplier and regs dictate they can't claim after 18 months. ;-)

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As long as you don't mind being turned off when they get more customers than the renewable energy they are buying you will be fine, they will also need to install a magic filter to stop non renewable energy from entering your house this will work by separating out the electrons that have been tagged at source and verified by green peace.


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Waiting for switch on mine to go through from last week, tbh going to a Big 6 though because current (Spark) are absolutely useless, I've had a smart meter since last October which shows I use ~£80 a month, they just put direct debit up to £285/month :shock:

Customer services are absolutely braindead, had this happen multiple times, occasionally get someone that realises the stupidity and put it down again until next automated dodah, most others I've had blazing rows with who are the "computer said no" types.

I cancelled my direct debit once as I was so fed up with it to have them send my account to debt collectors 1 week after billing me (and 3 weeks before bill payment was due!) looking online I wasn't only one they did this too.

Put it off as long as I could as I like the smart meter and high chance I'll lose it when I switch but just had enough now.

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